Upworthy Inspires: Look Better Naked And More Cool Stuff

Thanks To A Little Bit Of Digital Magic, These Sick Kids Are Going On Some Crazy Adventures | via Upworthy.com

Before you read this article, click the above photo. Oops – wait… Before you click the photo above, make sure you have a box of tissues nearby… OK. Now, click the photo and come back here to read more.

Drawing Hope is just one example of the type of stories you’ll find on Upworthy, a very cool website that puts a spin on inspiration and has me dizzy with delight. Upworthy, in their own words is “…social media with a mission: to make important stuff as viral as a video of some idiot surfing off his roof.” The brainchild of Eli Pariser, former executive director of MoveOn.org, and Peter Koechley, a former managing editor of The Onion who also worked at MoveOn, the moment you land on Upworthy you know you’re in for something really unusual. It’s the stuff of inspiration and innovation and human-ness, much like TED, but different. The stories shared are short, visually compelling, with cleverly written headlines that often require a double-take. What’s truly unique and fascinating about Upworthy is that every featured story is so perfectly chosen and well told that it begs to be shared – you simply can’t watch one and not want to share – each is at the very least one of the following (and often a combination of several) emotionally stirring, brilliantly novel, mind-blowingly surprising, adroitly eloquent, or powerfully illuminating.

A media company that doesn’t want to be confused with a news service or political campaign, popular issues featured on Upworthy include the powerful vs. the powerless, misrepresentation of women in media, gay marriage rights, government efficiency (or lack of). Although many stories lean toward “The Daily Show generation,” the curators share opinions and actively invite open conversation and debate. Recent posts I love include:

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Content curation at its genius best, made irresistible and compellingly sharable – I’m guessing Upworthy is gonna WOW you!

Photos via Upworthy.com